Test benches


We manufacture test benches to test our own developments, but also produce solutions so that you can test your products.

An example of a module test bench for an optical diagnostic system with embedded Linux.

Test for:

  • network connector function
  • power connector function
  • position of the sensor unit
  • colorimetric and geometric properties of the projection
  • intensity distribution
  • optical properties of the lens
  • condition of the optical-window
  • condition of the mirror
  • attainment of measurement volumes



Assembly / focussing


Workstations for software-supported assembly and focussing of cameras.

An example of a focussing bench for dual-head cameras

Test for:

  • correct assembly
  • presence of thermal interface pad
  • centre of field of view
  • rotation of field of view
  • overlapping of fields of view
  • focus
  • defective pixels



Structured Illumination


We offer our structured illumination system as stand-alone-unit.

Field of application is, amongst other, the optical scanning of surfaces.


These are available in both pre-assembled and configurable versions, or can also be developed specifically according to your requirements.



Standard structured illumination

Customers benefits


  • No shadowing, multi-point illumination
  • Little influence of dirt
  • Wide temperature range: -25°C to +75°C
  • Small build-volume
  • No moving mechanical parts
  • Harmless regarding photobiological safety
  • Low costs
  • No speckles
  • Easy to integrate
  • Proven standard components
  • Modular





  • Various widths
  • Various projection pattern




  • Numbers of lines
  • Colour per line
  • Distribution of thickness
  • Illumination angle
  • Electro-mechanical interfaces



  • 2x 24V DC, 100 watt, 100 watt
  • 1x 24 V error signal (1 Bit)
  • 2x 24 V brightness control (2 Bit)




  • Recording 2.5D surfaces
  • Dividing matte and glossy parts
  • Identifying surfaces of different colours
  • Detecting RGB data of surfaces
  • Detecting various contrasts and reflections


Sorting objects, e.g. fruits




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